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Approx Age:  5-7 years
Akita/ German Shepherd mix 
Male, neutered

Ben was rescued from a life of neglect by a concerned neighbor. For years Ben was kept locked in a tiny Oakland backyard rain or shine for 14 hours at a time, sometimes with no food or water. It was a bad neighborhood and passersby threw bricks and stones at Ben. With the owner's permission, for five years the neighbor got him out for walks and continued even after she moved away. When the owner decided to surrender Ben to a shelter, she took him into her own home and is now trying to find a wonderful new home for him where he can forget his lonely past. She got Ben neutered and fully vaccinated. It took her 3 days to get all the mats brushed out of his fur. In his photos he has been shaved down.

Despite his history, Big Ben (about 100 lbs.) is a wonderful dog, super loving and mellow. And very handsome - he appears to be an Akita/German Shepherd cross. He is 5-7 years old, healthy and fit.

Ben is fine living in a house. He is house-trained and never damages anything, inside or out. He is used to being left alone and will just sleep quietly while you are gone. He is good walking on leash, always matching his pace to the person walking him.  Ben is not good with cats.

Ben enjoys the company of other dogs (possible exception barky Chihuahuas) and currently is friends with a Pug. In general Ben loves people. He would do well either in a family with kids to play with or with a single person who becomes his companion. Sometimes out on a walk if he sees someone coming who reminds him of his former tormentors, Ben will react by trying to hide. He shows no aggression.

Ben is a great dog in every way and deserves a full life of attention and love.

Note! This is a courtesy post for someone trying to re-home a pet.  If you are interested in learning more about Ben, please contact Yalin at (510) 859-6118 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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