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Approx Age: 11 years
Domestic Shorthair
Female, spayed

Molly is an 11 year old, 11 lb. tabby and white cat in need of a new loving home. The newborn baby in the household she has lived in since 2006 is allergic to cats, so Molly's guardian must find new homes for Molly as well as for her feline roommates, Danny and Rosie.

Molly is a special cat. Once a feral kitten, she was on her own for 2 weeks after her mother and siblings were caught by the same group that finally rescued her. It is no wonder she is shyer than most domestic cats and is most comfortable hanging out in hidden spots and watching the action from afar.

Molly has been safely indoors since her rescue in 2006 and is litter box trained. She is a clever cat who can open cabinets and drawer. Generally shy with new people, she warms up and can be quite affectionate with people she likes. Most of the time she is very independent, but she will purr and follow you around when she wants to be loved. Molly enjoys being petted, but is not a cat that appreciates being picked up. She needs a home where her space is respected and she is allowed to approach on her own terms.

Molly hasn't lived with dogs, but has co-existed with two other cats for years. Molly is spayed and vaccinated.

Note! This is a courtesy posting for someone trying to re-home a pet. For more information on Molly, please contact Amy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







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