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Approx Age: 10 years
Domestic Shorthair
Male, neutered

Danny is a handsome, 12 lb. light orange tabby who looks like a cuddly stuffed toy. He is 10 years old, adopted as a kitten in 2007. For the health of her newborn baby who is allergic to cats, his guardian must seek a new loving home for him and for the two other cats in the household as well (Molly and Rosie).

Danny is an indoor cat who likes to hang out on the couch or high places. He is fastidious in grooming and litter box habits - even covering other cats' business in the box. He enjoys both wet and dry food.

Danny is curious and friendly toward strangers. He likes to be around people and be part of the action. Somewhat dog-like, he will follow you around and snuggle next to you on the couch. An adult home or one with older, cat savvy children will be best for Danny. Although he enjoys being petted, he doesn't care to be picked up or over-handled. He would not mind being only cat, but he has lived peacefully with two other felines for years. He has no experience with dogs.

Danny is in good health. He is neutered and vaccinated.

Note! This is a courtesy posting for someone trying to re-home a pet. For more information on Danny, please contact Amy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





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